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Determinants Factors of Inflation in Sudan an Econometrics Approach durig the Period (1990-2012)

Dr. AL Mahdi Musa Attahir Musa

University of Bakht Alruda Duwaim-Sudan P. o. Box 16722

This paper addresses the econometric model to estimate the determinants of inflation in the Sudanese economy in the period 1990 – 2012.The study focused on money supply, the index of import prices, and the cost of finance, exchange rate, and the budget deficit. The study aimed to clarify the determinants of inflation in Sudan and show their impact on inflation. The study was based on the following assumptions considered all of the money

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Flavour Components of new Mudaffara Cheese with Black Pepper under Different Storage Temperatures

Ahmed M. Bakheit [1], Abu-Elsamh M. Mehriz[2]2

[1] Faculty of Agriculture University of Bakht Alruda

[2] Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University


Mudaffara cheese is a semi-hard type cheese widely known in some Middle East countries. Little information is available concerning its properties. The effect of black pepper on the flavour components of the cheese was studied during ambient and cold storage. The volatile components in Mudaffara cheese extract and black pepper powder extract were determined by GC and identified by matching with mass-spectral library data through Kovat’s indices……

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Studies of Chemical and Rheological Properties of Mozzarella Cheese as affected by Source and Type of Production

Ahmed M. Bakheit1 and Nageeb A. Hassan2

1Animal production Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Bakht-Alruda University, Sudan

2Dairy Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Giza,   Egypt


Samples of Mozzarella cheese were collected from Giza markets for chemical and rheological analysis as follows 2 samples of Grated Mozzarella, 4 samples of Block Mozzarella of branded companies (Factories block) and 4 samples of Block Mozzarella of small plants (Balady block). The mean values of percentage to moisture, fat and fat / dry matter, proteins, proteins / dry matter, ash, salt, titratable acidity, total volatile fatty acid (mm of  NaOH

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Water and Waste Analysis and Assessment according to the WHO Standards in the Main Hospitals of White Nile State

Ahmed Mohammed Elnour{, Aleya Hanafy Mahmoud¿, Mohamed Darwish El-Borgy¿, Nur Eldin Eltahir Fadelella{, Mayada Mohamed Reda Moussa¿

{Faculty of Medicine and health sciences

University of El Imam El Mahdi, Sudan.

¿ High Institute of Public Health

Alexandria University, Egypt


        Water is one of the most essential components of the human environment. Man needs it for his physiological existence as well as for his clinical activities. So, drinking water should be clean and free from any pathogenic microorganisms and chemical substances, which may be hazardous to health. Drinking water should be suitable for human

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Economic Growth and Unemployment in Sudan: An Empirical Analysis

Huda Mohamed Mukhtar Ahmed

Department of Econometrics and Social Statistics, Faculty of Economic & Social studies, University of Khartoum


Abdelaziz Albashir Abdalla Awadalbari

Department of Econometrics & Social Statistics, Faculty of Economic & Social studies, University of Khartoum


This paper investigated the validity of Okan’s law in Sudan. It used data on real GDP growth and unemployment rate over the period 1981-2013. Cointgration analysis detected a long run relationship between real GDP

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