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An educational intervention program impacts on attitude of Kosti, Rabak,

and Duwaim hospitals nursing and sanitation staff, regarding Healthcare waste management.

Ahmed Mohammed Elnour®, Aleya Hanafy Mahmoud:, Mohamed Darwish El-Borgy :,

Nur Eldin Eltahir Fadelella ® Mayada Mohamed Reda Moussa:


Health education and supervision is necessary for better Healthcare waste (HCW) management. All the employees of various designations are required to be aware of proper collection, segregation, and transport HCW to the final..

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Assessment of Healthcare waste management in White Nile State hospitals

Ahmed Mohammed Elnour


Healthcare waste (HCW) has become one of critical concerns in the developing countries constitutes a special category of waste, potentially contain harmful materials. The inappropriate handling and disposal of HCW pose health risks such as hepatitis viruses and human immunodeficiency virus..

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Determination of gossypol amount in leaves, reproductive parts and seeds of four cotton cultivars grown in Sudan

Mohammed Elteyb Abddo1, Hatim Bushra El Haj El Fadni


The experiment was conducted at Elzahir Farm at Bakhat Alruda University, Duwaim, White Nile State during the period of july2009 to Dec2009. Cotton leaves, buds, flowers, bolls and seeds were collected from each cultivar..

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Economic Technical Efficiency Analysis of Wheat Production in the Gezira Scheme, Sudan

Babiker O. Mahgoub1, Hag Hamad Abdelaziz2, Mutasim Mekki2, Omima A.Mirghani1 and Sara A. Elnour1


This study was carried out in The Gezira Scheme. The main objectives of this study are to measure and evaluate the technical efficiency of wheat producing and to investigate the main tenant-specific factors behind tenants’..

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Effects of alcoholic extract of Argemone mexicana on khapra, Trogoderma granarium (Evert) mortality and development under laboratory conditions in White Nile State.

Rafia Abdalla Fadl Emoula 1, Mohammed Eltayeb Abdo 2. Yousif Khogali Elamein3


The known as Ghamoya (common name) Argemone, belongs to the family Papaveraceae, contains alkaloids effect on insects. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of roots and seed extracts of the Argemone, (Argemone mexicana.) on Khapra beetle (Trogoderma..

Effects of alcoholic extract of Argemone mexicana on khapra


Indirect Method for Assessing Herbage Mass of a Semi-Arid Rangeland in Elbaja area of White Nile State,Sudan

Bashir Balla H.A. Zahran


The current study was conducted in the White Nile state in El Baja area during season 2012.The objective of the study was to assess the herbage mass in this semi-arid areas. Herbage mass was assessed by indirect method

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Processing of fish burger from two fish types

A.Hadi A.Elminshawi


This study involved processing of two types of fish namely Bagrus sp. & Clarias sp. representing superior and inferior fish grades respectively according to consumer preferences. Three recipes ( a,b,c) were added to the…

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Stirring Time Effects of Ag Nano Paricles prepared by Electronically Method

Hashim Albshir Mohammed


Silver Nanoparticles (Ag-NPs) were prepared by electrochemical synthesis method using two Ag high purity rods immersed in distilled water   with different stirring time as We get Ag Nanoparticle simply. Scanning electron…

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Studies on the Economic threshold level of Jassid, Jacobiasca lybica, De Berg. , on cotton

Omer A. Elnour1, Hassan O. Kannan 2and Abbas E. M. Elamin3


The study was conducted under cage and field conditions for three seasons (2002/03,2003/04,2004/05) to determine the economic threshold level (ETL) of cotton jassid at different levels of infestations at the Gezira Research Station Farm . Results showed that the ETL of jassid on variety Barac (67) B and Barakat 90 is 30 and 50 jassids adult or nymphs/100 leaves, respectively…

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Technical Efficiency Analysis for Sorghum Production in the Gezira Scheme, Sudan

Babiker O. Mahgoub1, Hag Hamad Abdelaziz2, Mutasim Mekki2, Omima A.Mirghani1 and Samar Abdalla3


The main objectives of this study were to measure and evaluate the technical efficiency of sorghum producing and to investigate the main tenant-specific factors behind tenants’ technical inefficiency in the Gezira scheme. Stochastic frontier production function was estimated using a sample of 150…

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The prevailing situation of rangeland in the Sudan during the last two decades

Dr. Bashir Balla Haj Ahmed Zahran


The paper discussed the strategic activities of rangelands in the Sudan which include: – Rehabilitation of rangeland through their protection-    Rehabilitation of rangeland through reseeding. – Ranching. – Rangeland improvement through water spreading. -Rangeland protection through fire…

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