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Table of Contents

1/ Adultery and its effects in Islamic Law and Indonesia’s Constitution -Perspective (Comparative Study)

Dr. H. M. Nurul Irfan, M.Ag
lecturer on Islamic law and jurisprudence Faculty at Islamic university of
Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Indonesia

an oldest disease of the communities and allegedly continued in this world is
adultery. The criminal act of adultery not only be detrimental to actors and
their families, but even having a devastating effect on the lives of the general
public; the negative impact in marital problems, in the issue of waiting
period (iddah), in the problem of determining a mahram and in terms of
using the earnings of this heinous act

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2/ Falling Standard of Education in Bauchi State Post-Primary Schools –   Nigeria (Who is Responsible?)

Jacob Itse Dabo
Bauchi State University Gadau,
Faculty of Arts and Education,
Department of Education

This paper investigates the “Falling Standard of Education” in Bauchi state-
Nigeria Post- Primary Schools. The paper is carried out to ascertain “Who is
to be blamed “for the great menace. A lot of literature revealed that the
standard of education is greatly falling. The study adopted a survey method
approach. One hundred and twenty Teaching staff was used in this study

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3/  Quantitative comparison between 1955 and 1996 forest national – inventories of Sudan

Abdelsalam Osman Sid Ahmed
Assistant Professor
University of Bakht-Alruda _ Faculty of Agriculture & Natural Resources-

The tree cover of Darfur region were studied and inventoried in order to
assess the changes in stocking densities, composition, and distribution of
some dominant tree species by comparing the results of the inventory held
by Ramssy (1955) and Forests National Corporation (1996).The results
show that the distribution percentage of tree species in the National Forest
Inventory was lower in all strata for almost all species compared

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4/    Sudanese Basic School Students’ Difficulties in learning English as a -Foreign Language a Case Study of Duwaim Locality

Dr.Ahmed Mahil Hassab Elrasool
Assistant Professor of English

This study aimed to identify the difficulties of learning English language in
the Sudanese basic schools from the point of view of teachers of English
according to the study variables (gender, school, scientific degree or
certificate, years of experience, age, monthly income). To fulfill the study
goals, the researcher used the analytical-descriptive method. The study
community included all teachers of English at basic schools whose native
language is Arabic in Duwaim Locality. The researcher used SPSS program

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5/  The Impact of Learning by Teaching Strategy on University Students’- Linguistic Competence

Dr.Ahmed Gasm Alseed Ahmed
Associate Professor,Applied Linguistics.
University of Gezira,SUDAN

The study investigates using learning by teaching strategy and its effect on
the achievement level of English Language learners. The sample of the study
is 57 students from university of Gezira, faculty of Education, batch
32,during the courses of semantics and peer teaching. The researcher used an
interview as a tool for data collection. The results of the study show that
there are significant differences when using learning by teaching strategy as
well as its impact on the level of improving the academic achievement

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